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Q-Stoves offers an eco-friendly solution to your heating needs with the Q-Flame Wood Pellet Heater. This clean-burning pellet heater can heat twice more as similar propane heaters while reducing your carbon footprint.

Passionate about outdoor sports and exploration, the team behind Q-Stoves is driven to create innovative heating solutions. Since 2015, they have continued to improve their products to make them more effective and cleaner than your regular appliance at home.

  • Q-Flames produces more heat than a regular mushroom propane heater
  • This portable pellet heater weighs 66 lbs and is easy to assemble
  • With the QBQ Grill Rack, you can use it as a grill


1. Are Q-Stoves Pellet Heaters safe to use?

The Q-Flames Pellet Heater is safe to use provided the clearance of 3 ft from combustibles is maintained. See the manual for more information.

2. Are Q-Stoves Pellet Heaters bad for your health?

Q-Flames Pellet Heaters are designed to burn cleanly and smoke-free, which may be better for your health.