Athena Authorized Retailer

Athena Fire Glass and Accessories prides itself on selling one of the finest decorative media in the market. Mined from Greek Mountains, its glass creates stunning and incredibly reflective fire glass.

Placing these beautiful fire glasses on Athena's Olympus Fire Pit Tables create a truly captivating flame display for your outdoor setting. Throw warm outdoor parties around an Athena Fire Pit Table, and give everyone a wonderful time.

  • Fire Pit Tables have a beautiful marble-like texture, available in 5 colors.
  • Fire features are built with Stainless Steel Burners and Pans that provide better corrosion resistance than Brass Burners.
  • Match Lit Ignition System allows easy lighting and flame adjustment.
  • High-Quality Reflective Fire Glass mined from Mount Olympus, Greece.

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