Patio Fever Brands

Patio Fever is an authorized retailer of many top patio heater and fire pit brands in the North American market. We choose only the best brands to partner with so that you could shop with confidence. You can find more information about our partners below.

American Fyre Designs

American Fyre Designs Authorized Retailer

American Fyre Designs is an RH Peterson brand of outdoor products. Their fire pits are all high-quality products that are proudly made in the USA.

Shop Here: American Fyre Designs Collection

AZ Patio Heaters

az patio heaters authorized retailerAZ Patio Heaters is an Arizona based brand of affordable patio heaters. Their patio heaters can be found in several of the top 10 retailers in the US like Target, Lowe's, and others. 

Shop Here: AZ Patio Heaters Collection

Bromic Heating

bromic authorized retailer

Bromic Heating is a luxury brand of gas and electric patio heaters. Their designs are mostly unique and are loved by many prominent hotels. You can find Bromic Smart-Heat Commercial Outdoor Heaters at the Hilton, Marriott, Westfield, Sheraton, MGM, Caesars Palace, and Hyatt.

Shop Here: Bromic Heating Collection


Calcana features a line of robust gas heaters that work in high altitudes and in much colder climates. Marine Grade Stainless Steel heaters are available, best for saltwater environments. All their products are made in the US.

Shop Here: Calcana Gas Heaters

Crown Verity

crown verity authorized retailerCrown Verity is a Canadian company that is well known for their free standing gas patio heaters. Many businesses in the hotel and restaurant industry live the Crown Lifestyle.

Shop Here: Crown Verity Collection


dimplex authorized retailerDimplex has been a renowned name in electric heating for over 70 years. Being the market leader in sustainable electric heaters, they invest heavily on research in producing innovative patio heaters.

Shop Here: Dimplex Collection

Endless Summer

endless summer authorized retailerFamous for their 2-in-1 fire pit/patio heater, Endless Summer Fire Pit offers a beautiful solution for enhancing the comfort in your patio. Enjoy the warmth of a patio heater and the beauty of a fire pit with their DualHeat Technology!

Shop Here: Endless Summer Collection


Heatscope is a line of electric patio heaters made in Germany. This award-winning heater uses medium wave infrared energy and emits less light with its SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass front.

Shop Here: Heatscope Collection

IR Energy

IR Energy Authorized Dealer

Stay warm in a space heated by luxury patio heaters made in Canada. Hospitality industry leaders such as Wynn Resorts and Ritz Carlton use IR Energy Patio Heaters to provide their guests the best comfort.

Shop Here: IR Energy Collection


infratech authorized retailer

Infratech offers a sleek heating solution that is perfect for minimalist spaces. Apart from the usual wall/ or ceiling mounted installation, their electric patio heaters may also be flush mounted. These are made in the USA with superior craftmanship.

Shop Here: Infratech Collection


ndustria authorized retailer

NDUSTRIA™ Gas Heaters are powerful heating solutions with heat output ranging from 60,000 to 150,000 BTU. Their strongest heaters can work at tall mounting heights, ideal for commercial spaces with high ceilings. They have the right electric or gas heater for any residential or business space.

Shop Here: NDUSTRIA™ Collection

Patio Comfort

Patio Comfort sells a line of freestanding patio heaters that may be portable or permanently installed. You'll find a perfect mushroom heater for any outdoor living space.

Shop Here: Patio Comfort Collection


radtec authorized retailer

RADtec satisfies your outdoor heating needs by combining contemporary design and simple operating features. From freestanding gas heaters to mounted electric units, you'll find a heating solution for any patio.

Shop Here: RADtec Collection


schwank authorized retailer

Since 1938, Schwank has been in the heating industry when they invented the first gas-fired radiant heater. Their extensive experience in innovating heating solutions is a significant advantage in developing gas, electric, and mushroom heaters.

Shop Here: Schwank Collection


sunglo authorized retailer

Sunglo is a brand of patio heaters that are freestanding or ceiling mounted. Browse for affordable heating solutions to keep your guests cozy outdoors.

Shop Here: Sunglo Collection


sunheat authorized retailer

SUNHEAT is a third generation family owned business that has been in the heating industry since 1954. They offer a variety of heaters that are freestanding, tabletop, or wall/ceiling mounted. SUNHEAT takes pride in selling the only line of electric infrared heaters manufactured in the USA.

Shop Here: SUNHEAT Collection


Sunpak Authorized Dealer

Sunpak is a brand of USA-made Infrared Gas Heaters. Selling heaters since 1966, you can trust the reliability and quality of these overhead heaters.

Shop Here: Sunpak Collection


SunStar Authorized Dealer

SunStar is a brand of patio heaters manufactured by Gas Fired Products (GFP), a leading manufacturer since 1949. These heaters are designed to meet the needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry, but they may be used in residential areas too.

Shop Here: SunStar Collection