Wood pellet heaters are outdoor heaters that are eco-friendly, highly efficient, and multipurpose heating solutions. Virtually smokeless and easier to maintain than more traditional wood-burning heaters, one cannot go wrong buying these heaters for a residential or commercial space.

A pellet heater uses wood pellets as fuel which can be considered sustainable fuel as these are made from the waste material from logging and furniture-making industries. Help the environment as you enjoy the comforting heat and ambiance from real flame.

Most of our pellet heaters provide more than just heat. During the summer season, when heat isn't needed so much, you can actually use your heater as a grill or pizza oven with optional accessories.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a pellet heater now and extend your backyard entertainment season!


1. What is a pellet heater?

    Say goodbye to messy logs and hello to the modern pellet heater! These nifty heaters use wood pellets for fuel, meaning you don't need endless piles of firewood.

    2. How does a pellet heater work?

    A pellet heater can be assembled easily - just add some pellets, light it up, close the access door... and voila! Heat in minutes.

    3. Are pellet heaters economical?

    Pellet heaters are not only easy to use but economical too. Wood pellets are much more affordable than buying lots of logs each winter season. So if you're looking for a smarter heating option this chilly season then give pellet heaters a try - they burn bright AND are inexpensive to operate!