Electric heaters are great for commercial and residential projects that require low clearance, indoor, or recessed installation. They are not as powerful as gas heaters but much more efficient and eco-friendly. The most popular type of electric patio heaters is wall/ceiling mounted, and there are free standing models that can be placed on the ground or on tables (tabletop heaters). Most wall/ceiling mounted electric heaters can also be installed on a pole converting them into free standing models.

  • Infratech is a leader in the electric patio heater category. Infratech heaters are rated for commercial and residential use, manufactured in the US, and are made out of durable stainless steel. Infratech W and WD series are designed for recessed installation. C and CD series are great for most other installations. SL series are here if you are looking for a slimmer look.
  • Bromic electric heaters are there if you are looking for a unique look and design.
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