Is your outdoor space missing the warmth and glow of real fire? Patio heaters are great for adding warmth in any outdoor space although they are not that great for enhancing the ambiance.

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis by adding a gas fire pit. This fire feature can be fueled by either propane or natural gas. Just choose a fuel type that's convenient for you.

Get a fire pit for the patio to create wonderful memories with family and friends by the fire.


  1. What fire pit can I use on decking?

Gas fire pits are the safest fire pits that can be used on wooden decks. When properly installed, gas-fueled fire pits do not produce sparks that can cause a fire.

2. Will the fire pit kill grass?

Even gas-fueled fire pits get really hot and the heat will eventually weaken the grass until it eventually dries out. If it's a portable fire pit, install a mat or non-combustible lining underneath to protect the grass.

3. Can fire pit rocks explode?

Lava rocks used to decorate fire pits are made of porous material. They have a lot of holes that absorb moisture which can cause them to pop or expand when the fire pit it is turned on. That is why we recommend you cover your fire feature with a fire pit cover when not in use.

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