A Commercial Patio Heater is designed to work 24/7. They are built from higher-quality materials and are more powerful than their residential counterparts. Commercial Patio Heaters are great for hotels, restaurants, and outdoor events.

  • The most powerful commercial heaters are the overhead gas heaters by Calcana followed by Sunpak gas patio heaters. 
  • The best-looking commercial heaters are made by Bromic Heating. There are overhead electric, gas, and freestanding models available.
  • The most powerful and efficient freestanding propane heaters are made by Sunglo, Patio Comfort, and IR Energy.
  • The best electric heaters for low clearances, indoor applications, and recessed installations are Infratech Heaters.

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If you're leaning towards getting an electric patio heater, see our guide on choosing the best electric heater! Or, see our guide on how to choose the best gas patio heater.

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