Overhead patio heaters save valuable floor space and reduce the risk of burns and accidents because they are mounted high up and out of the way. These heaters are usually mounted on a wall, ceiling, or beam. Pole mounting or umbrella mounting is also an option for some models.

Overhead patio heaters are generally more efficient because they provide better-directed heat and wider coverage area.

There are two main types of overhead patio heaters: electric and gas. Gas heaters are more powerful and cost-effective when it comes to operation, however, they require higher clearances and cannot be installed indoors.

Electric heaters are less powerful but more flexible when it comes to installation. Electric heaters can be installed indoors, they require lower clearances, and some models like Infratech W and WD Series can even be recessed into a ceiling.

One of the sub-categories of electric heaters is umbrella heaters, which can be installed right underneath an outdoor umbrella, providing just enough heat to keep everybody underneath warm and cozy.

  • Infratech is the leading brand of overhead electric patio heaters. These are high-quality heaters manufactured in the US.
  • Sunpak is a reliable brand of powerful, commercial-grade, overhead gas heaters made in the US.
  • If you are looking for a stylish high-end heater, Bromic is definitely the brand to go with.
  • Calcana makes high-end powerful gas heaters with easy temperature control. Calcana heaters work in low temperatures and high altitudes. Their High Output Heaters have a marine-grade stainless steel option for installations in beach-front properties.

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