Patio heater accessories are a practical and efficient way to improve the functionality and convenience of your outdoor heating system.

With a range of mounting kits and control switches available, you can easily install and operate your patio heaters in the way that best fits your needs. Whether you want to position your heaters on a wall, ceiling, or free-standing, mounting kits provide flexibility to optimize heat distribution for maximum comfort, while control switches offer simple temperature and power adjustments.

Additionally, floor clamps and weatherproof covers help to ensure your heaters are secure and protected from the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance and enjoyment. Some brands also offer accessories for smart home integration.

By adding patio heater accessories to your setup, you can create a more comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space for yourself and your guests.

Do you want to upgrade your space with a new patio heater? Our guide on choosing the right patio heater will help you decide.


1. Are patio heaters' heights adjustable?

Mounting your patio heaters at a specific height is easy with the use of pole and overhead mounting kits. These allow you to hang your heaters at the best height for optimal comfort.
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