When it comes to providing the best comfort, a high-quality patio heater is a must-have. And what better way to ensure you're getting a durable and reliable heater than by choosing a patio heater made in the USA? Don't settle for a cheap imported heater that won't serve its purpose.

American-Made Patio Heaters are built to last, with top-notch materials and construction. From Aluminized Steel to Marine Grade Stainless Steel, these heaters are built to withstand the elements and provide reliable warmth. Plus, you can trust that they have consistent quality with a team of experts overseeing the process of its design to assembly.

One of the benefits of choosing infrared heaters made in USA is the shorter shipping times and fewer shipping issues. Fewer damages are encountered as opposed to those shipped across the world in a vessel. Start enjoying a cozier patio much sooner.

With the understanding that American Homeowners value convenience, many of these electric patio heaters are capable of smart home integration. Enjoy the utmost convenience of controlling them from your smart device. Wireless control options are also available for almost all these patio heaters.

Some of the top USA-Made brands include NDUSTRIA™, Schwank, Sunpak, Sunglo, SunStar, Calcana, and Infratech. Shop now for a top-quality patio heater made in the USA and buy with confidence!

Having trouble deciding which patio heater is best? See the guide on choosing the right patio heater.


1. How long do patio heaters last?

The burn time of each propane heater differs with an average of 8 to 10 hours, enough to keep you cozy for a long evening. Natural gas heaters and electric patio heaters will continue to emit warmth as long as they are turned on.

2. Which patio heater is best?

IR Energy, Bromic, Calcana, and Infratech offer some of our best patio heaters. Learn more in our article on the best commercial patio heaters.

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