Warming Trends Authorized Retailer

Warming Trends is a well-known brand for its CROSSFIRE Burners. Their burners are one of the best in the industry for their taller, brighter, and fuller flames. Fire Pits built with CROSSFIRE Burners will surely create a warm enticing place to spend time on your patio.

Fire Pit Kits help you build your dream fire pit. Customize its look by placing any material on the Concrete Boards. Select from 4 shapes with different sizes to get started.

  • CROSSFIRE Brass Burners are engineered to produce the Venturi Effect which allows faster gas flow and more oxygen into the gas chamber to produce stronger flames.
  • Guaranteed to be free of defects for life. The Lifetime Warranty requires the burner to be covered.
  • Fire Pit Kits have a Match Lit Ignition System for easy operation.
  • Push Button and Spark Ignition Systems with Wireless Controls are available for the most convenient fire pit experience.
  • Made in the USA for top-notch quality