Outdoor Gas Heaters are the most powerful patio heaters on the market. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be fueled by Liquid Propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG).

  • Free Standing Propane Patio Gas Patio Heaters are great for when you need a temporary/portable solution out in the open far away from electric or gas lines.
  • Overhead Outdoor Gas Heaters are wonderful for heating large outdoor patios and decks that have some kind of overhead structure or walls.
  • Permanent Post Natural Gas Heaters are perfect for permanent installations, they allow for more safety and lower operations costs due to NG being more affordable than Propane.
  • Most Outdoor Gas Heaters in this collection are manufactured in the US, and IR Energy heaters are made in Canada.


1. How many outdoor heaters do I need?

Each gas heater has a different coverage area, depending on its model. First, measure the space you want to heat, then refer to the heater's specifications for the maximum area it can heat. Estimate how many patio heaters are needed based on the coverage area.

2. Do outdoor heaters work in winter?

Patio heaters cannot keep you warm in extremely cold weather. Some of the factors that affect their heating performance are wind speeds, outdoor temperature, and mounting height.

3. Who makes outdoor heaters for restaurants?

There are a variety of outdoor patio heaters available for commercial settings. Bromic, Calcana, and IR Energy are some of them. See our best commercial patio heaters for more information.

Not sure which gas heater is right for your space? Our guide on choosing the best gas patio heater may help you decide.

Would you rather go for an electric patio heater instead? See the pros and cons of electric and gas.

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