Many people value style over comfort, but that shouldn't have to be the case. When you have guests over at home or clients at your business, you want to provide them with luxurious comfort to pamper them throughout their stay.

Investing in luxury heaters not only provides you with the ultimate comfort and warmth but also adds an aesthetic appeal. Second-rate design isn't the way to impress your guests. What you need is a seamless, modern look that doesn't disrupt your room's look. And, that's exactly what these electric and gas patio heaters are for.

These high-end heaters are made with superior components and innovative technology to ensure reliable and efficient heating. Their production is overseen by experts with decades of experience in the industry to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Bromic, Calcana, and IR Energy are the top choices among hotels, resorts, restaurants, and private residencies. Pick from our handpicked collection of luxury heaters and create a relaxing atmosphere without compromising style.

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1. How long do patio heaters last?

The burn time of propane heaters varies, depending on the model. But, on average you can expect a tall round propane heater to burn for 8 to 10 hours on a full tank. Natural Gas and Electric Heaters will continue to emit warmth, so long they are turned on.

2. How many patio heaters do I need?

Each patio heater has a different heat coverage area. Measure how big is the space you want to heat, then decide how many heaters are necessary based on their heating area.

Which patio heater is best for your space? This article on how to choose the right patio heater will provide you with more information.