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Cowboy Cauldron is a brand of clean and modern fire pit grills made in the USA. Established in 2008, Mike Bertelsen first started crafting the cauldron as a gift for his best friend. Growing up in the high deserts of the American West, Mike incorporated fire, friendship, and food into his everyday life, inspiring the unique design of the Cowboy Cauldron.

Today, thousands of Cauldrons have found their way around the world, leading to the creation of the 'Cauldron Society,' an independent group where people share their experiences with the fire pit grill phenomenon.

A fire pit, grill, and cooking vessel all in one, the Cowboy Cauldron features:

  • Solid Plate Steel with high tensile strength for durability
  • Adjustable height to bring the fire closer to you
  • The Dude, a portable fire pit grill, while the Urban Cowboy, with a larger basin, offer versatile options.

Proudly made in the USA for the best quality.


1. Are fire pits safe to use?

Fire pits are safe when proper clearances to combustibles, such as wooden decks, furniture, or flammable liquids, are observed.

2. Can fire pits go on grass and composite decks?

It is recommended to use a barrier, such as pavers, sand, or stones, under the fire pit on combustible surfaces like grass. Placing the Cowboy Cauldron on composite or wooden decks is not recommended.

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