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The Fire Pit Gallery is a small family business formed by James and Melissa Crisp in Bristolville, Ohio. Together with their children, they run the business and produce intricately handcrafted fire pits like no other.

The company made its first sale in 2010, and unsurprisingly, went viral on the internet in 2013 with the photo of the Up North Fire Pit Sphere. Who wouldn't be amazed by the detail of these unique functional pieces of art?

If you're trying to decide which wood-burning fire pit is the best, the Fire Pit Gallery Fire Pits are a great choice. These fire pits are made in the USA with American-Made Steel, ensuring high quality and beautiful designs.

With their Lifetime Warranty, create memories around their fire pits for a lifetime.

  • Most fire pits have unique handcrafted art that looks incredibly stunning
  • Guaranteed not to rust for a lifetime!
  • Becomes more attractive with time thanks to the weathered look of its Iron Oxide/Rust Patina Finish
  • Rain Drain prevents water from accumulating
  • Made in the USA with American-Made Steel

To keep your patio surface in perfect condition, some items you can place under a wood-burning fire pit are pavers, sand, or a concrete barrier. This prevents combustible materials from fire damage.

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