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Focus Fireplaces, where fire pits go beyond the ordinary, turning into beautiful art pieces. Crafted with precision by spinning steel, each piece boasts a seamless surface without any visible seams.

In 1967, Dominique Imbre, once a humanities professor, kickstarted it all in his workshop in France, inspired by restoring an old farmhouse with salvaged scrap metal. This passion led to Focus becoming a global brand, winning design awards and exporting most of its creations worldwide.

Here's a peek at their products:

1. Fire Pits:
Meet the Bubble Fire Pit – not just a stunning centerpiece but also easy to clean and move around with wheels and a basin.

2. Fire Pit Grills:
Explore the Sigmafocus, a space-saving wall-mounted grill perfect for small backyards. Or try the Diagofocus, with wheels and handles for easy movement, and a design that lets you control the smoke. Both come grill-ready with utensils for your outdoor parties.

All products are handcrafted in France. Embrace the art and function of Focus Fireplaces – redefining outdoor elegance one fire pit at a time!