Primo Ceramic Grills Authorized Retailer

Founded in 1996 by George Samaras, Primo Ceramic Grills is a renowned brand known for its exceptional kamado cookers. Inspired by his passion for cooking and the sea, George embarked on a journey to create the best ceramic grill on the market. Despite facing initial obstacles, he persevered and introduced the patented oval-shaped grill in 2002, establishing Primo as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

Primo Ceramic Grills offers a premium line of ceramic grills meticulously made in the USA. Made with a proprietary blend of natural materials, these grills provide exceptional heat and moisture retention, allowing for reduced fuel usage and faster cooking times.

Designed to thrive in outdoor environments and withstand extreme climates, Primo ceramic grills are low-maintenance and offer the convenience of self-cleaning functionality. With their superior craftsmanship and American-made quality, you can rely on Primo Ceramic Grills for exceptional performance and longevity.