AOG Authorized Retailer

American Outdoor Grill is a brand of quality and elegant gas grills made in the USA. These grills are manufactured by RH Peterson, one of the most prominent manufacturers of quality gas products since 1949.

While American Outdoor Grill serves as RH Peterson's affordable grill line, the emphasis on quality remains paramount in crafting these exceptional grills. The distinct appearance of these gas grills is crafted from premium Stainless Steel in no other country than the USA. Equipped with stainless steel burners, vaporizers, and an ignition system, these grills guarantee an easier and more enjoyable outdoor cooking experience.

American Outdoor Grill's products are split into 2, the T-Series and L-Series Grills. Both have the basic features of a grill, but the L-Series has slightly more features, while the T-Series is more affordable and easier to install. In general, these are what's great about the gas grills by American Outdoor Grill:

  • Stainless Steel Construction for long-lasting durability
  • Easy to use ignition system to quickly light your grill
  • Vaporizing grids add flavor to the meat by smoking back the juices that fall off.
  • Patented Diamond Sear Cooking Grids produce thick sear marks.
  • Built-In hood thermometer helps you cook at the optimal temperature.


    1. What gas grill is made in the USA?

    American Outdoor Grill and Fire Magic are brands of American-Made Gas Grills.

    2. Is a gas grill better than charcoal?

    When it comes to convenience, gas grills are better than charcoal. The ignition systems and drip tray make them easier to light and clean. Some would say charcoal grills are better for grilling smokier meat. If you would like to cook with a smokey flavor on your gas grill, get a smoker box.