timber stoves authorized retailerPioneers of the wood pellet heater, Timber Stoves have changed the way people heat their patios for the better. Their wood pellet heaters boast better heat and ambiance than common propane heaters.

The Big Timber Patio Heaters heat twice as much as propane. And with bright roaring flames, it creates a cozy ambiance, similar to wood-burning fire pits. The best part is, it's virtually smokeless with much less smoke than wood.

Like many small businesses, Timber Stoves has faced many adversities, yet they are committed to keeping the manufacturing of all their patio heaters in the USA. These American-Made Pellet Heaters feature great craftsmanship and quality components to deliver an innovative product for warm outdoor gatherings.

Some amazing features of a Timber Stove Patio Heater are:

  • 72,000 to 90,000 BTUs, giving more heat and a wider coverage area than propane
  • Stainless Steel Components for long-term value
  • Optional cooking accessories are available to cook on your patio heater
  • Big and Lil Timber Heaters are portable


1. Are pellet heaters worth it?

If you're after better heat and ambiance, Yes! Pellet Heaters are worth it. Although they have a shorter burn time and require a bit more effort to light, their cozy atmosphere is all worth it.

2. How do pellet patio heaters work?

The pellet heater's hopper is filled with eco-friendly pellets that reduce in size as they burn. Then with the right heat and air supply, hot air is forced into the pipe creating a strong, smokeless burn; also known as the Venturi Effect.

3. Are pellet patio heaters efficient?

Yes, pellet patio heaters are efficient as they run on half the operating cost of propane.