Timber Stoves Lil' Timber Stainless Steel Portable Pellet Patio Heater

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    The Lil' Timber Pellet Patio Heater is a powerful outdoor heater that creates a cozy ambiance with strong-burning flames. But unlike wood fires, it emits much less smoke. Hotter than propane, it's a much more effective heating solution.

    Its impressive heat output can warm up to 300 sq ft, and if you want an even stronger heater, the Big Timber is available. And don't for a second think its quality is subpar because it's made in the USA with full Stainless Steel Construction. It's also cheaper to operate than propane.

    Most patio heaters only provide heat, but the Lil' Timber goes the extra mile. It's portable for you to enjoy its warmth on any trip. And, you can use it as a pizza oven!

    The optional pizza hood lets you cook on your pellet heater while enjoying its warm ambiance. You can put cast-iron cookware in it to cook delicious dishes aside from pizza. Use charcoal, wood chips, or pellets to explore a variety of flavors.

    With portability, stronger heat, and ambiance, this pellet heater simply has a lot to offer! Order it today while our free shipping promo is ongoing.

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    Key Features:

    • Timber Stoves Heaters provide a better ambiance with live fire and heat twice as much as propane.
    • Venturi Effect forces hot air faster into the pipe, creating a stronger and brighter flame.
    • Portable and easy to assemble, bring it with you camping or to the beach.
    • Made in the USA with Stainless Steel, it has great quality and corrosion resistance.
    • With less smoke than a wood fire, it's cleaner and better for your health.

    Other Features:

    • It is built with a damper dial to lower or raise the temp by 250°.
    • Conveniently turn it on/off with the easy shut-off key.
    • Save money in the long run with half the operating cost of propane.
    • Everyone can admire the flames with 3-sided fire viewing.
    • Ash tray allows easy clean up.


    Model Number: WPPHLTSS1.0
    Manufacturer: Timber Stoves
    Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
    Fuel Type: Wood Pellets
    Installation: Free Standing
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Heater Type: Pellet Stove
    Heating Area: 300 sq ft
    Avg Burn Time: 1.5 Hours
    Safety Shut-Off Valve: None
    BTUs: 72,000
    Dimensions: 84" H x 22" W x 18" D
    Viewing Area: 8" H x 5" W
    Hopper Capacity: 12 lbs
    Weight: 72 lbs
    Warranty: 2 Years

    What's in the Box:

    • Pellet Heater Assembly - 1 set
    • User's Manual - 1 pc.


    Use your Timber Stoves Heater as a pizza oven with this pizza hood accessory.

    Hopper Extensions are available to add 2 more hours to the burn time.

    Weigh your patio heater down with this plate to make it more stable on windy days.

    Locking Casters are attached to the base of your heater to help you move it easily around your space.

    Protect your pellet heater from the elements with this water-resistant cover. It keeps dirt and moisture out when not in use.

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