Timber Stoves Weighted Plate for Pellet Patio Heaters

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    Your Timber Stove Pellet Heater weighs pretty heavy, but on windy days, a little more weight won't hurt to add more stability. Weigh your patio heater down with this weighted plate to make it more stable on windy days.

    This plate adds 30 lbs to your heater and must be bolted on your Timber Stove's base to ensure it is securely attached.

    Get peace of mind while you're outside enjoying your pellet patio heater with this weighted plate. Order it now and save on free shipping!

    Key Features:

    • This weighted plate makes your pellet heater more stable on windy days.
    • It is bolted on the base to ensure it is securely attached to the heater.


    Model Number: WPPHA003
    Manufacturer: Timber Stoves
    Dimensions: 2" H x 13" L × 13" W
    Weight: 30 lbs
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