Ndustria Authorized Dealer

NDUSTRIA™ patio heaters are high heat output heaters that are ideal for restaurants, recreational areas, and other commercial spaces. A single NDUSTRIA™ heater can cover large spaces where multiple heaters are usually required.

NEL Series infrared electric heaters are highly efficient all-weather heaters that are great for indoor or outdoor commercial use. These can also be used in outdoor residential settings.

NHE Series heaters are built for long-lasting performance and can withstand harsh environments. These infrared heaters can be installed outdoors, in open-air, or covered areas, as well as indoors.

NBH Series infrared heaters can be installed indoors or in outdoor covered areas. Enhance overall customer experience without sacrificing floor area by installing these overhead heaters.

These heaters are perfect for restaurants offering outdoor dining, lounge, and recreational areas. NDUSTRIA™ gas heaters are proudly made in the USA and backed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

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