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If you are considering adding a patio heater to your backyard or patio you might be wondering if patio heaters are worth it.

While there is no objective answer and everybody's situation is different, in most cases the answer is "yes" and here are three reasons why.

1. Patio Heaters Increase the Value of Your Investment

Let's imagine you build a new patio, deck, outdoor kitchen or a pool. You spent thousands of dollars on your project and love spending time in your new outdoor space. 

How long can you actually use it? 

In most of the United States, you only have a short few months you can comfortably enjoy your newly renovated outdoor space. 

What if you add some patio heaters?

For a fraction of the cost of your backyard renovation, patio heaters can extend the time you comfortably enjoy your investment by 1-2 months. Thats' huge! 

When you ask homeowners if it's worth it for them to add patio heaters in exchange for this extended patio season, they say yes! 

Is it worth it for you? You decide.

2. Patio Heaters Increase Allow You To Stay Out Longer

If you are one of the lucky people in our country who enjoy warmer weather year round, you can still benefit from adding patio heaters. 

Patio heaters allow you to stay comfortable on your patio even after the sun goes down or when the weather isn't great.

Adding a patio heater can give you many more beautiful sunsets and fun outdoor parties - is it worth it for you?

 3. Patio Heaters Bring You More Revenue

If you are a restaurant owner, it is absolutely worth it for you to add a few patio heaters to your outdoor sitting area. 

Not only do you increase the time you can use that extra outdoor space well into the night - you can also extend your outdoor dining season by 1-2 months.

Think of all the extra revenue this can bring!

Many people these days actually prefer outside dining and if you keep you patrons nice and cozy they will keep coming back (considering your food is actually good :))

Bottom Line

In our opinion, patio heaters are relatively inexpensive investment that pays off in the form of more quality time for homeowners and higher revenue for restaurants. 

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