Do Patio Heaters Need to Be Covered?

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Patio heaters are designed to be used outdoors but do they need to be covered? The short answer in most cases is no, but the cover is recommended. Let me explain.

Are Patio Heaters Waterproof?

Water is the main culprit when it comes to corrosion. So if we want to determine wether or not we need to cover our patio heater, we need to find out if this heater is waterproof.

Most patio heaters are waterproof. They are constructed from durable corrosion resistant materials to withstand the elements. 

However, some patio heaters have lower water resistance rating like RADtec Design Seriesor popular Bromic Tungsten Smartheat Portable LPG Heater for example. These heaters need to be installed in covered areas.

You can find water resistance rating and recommended installations (covered vs uncovered) in specification section for each eater. Make sure to check that.

Can I Leave My Patio Heater Outside?

The question wether or not you can leave your heater outside usually comes up with portable propane patio heaters. 

Like most of other patio heaters, portable propane patio heaters are designed for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. However, they will look better and last longer if you put them under a roof and/or use an outdoor cover to protect them from rain and snow.

So, if your heater is designed for uncovered outdoor use, you can technically leave it outside. However, your heater will serve you longer if you cover it up when not in use.

Bottom Line

When installing patio heaters outdoors, you need to first check it's water resistance rating to see of the cover is not required.

Even if the cover is not required, it's best to install your heater under protective roof or weather cover whenever possible. For freestanding models, it's best to put them away or cover them up when not in use.

Even though most patio heaters have all-weather construction, they will last longer and look better if they are protected from rain and snow.

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