Whether you're looking to entertain or dine with guests, they will feel more like royalty with the comforting flames of a Gin Fire Pit Table. While most gas fire pit tables can only be situated outdoors, the same isn't true for the EcoSmart Fire Gin. This gas fire pit table is available in Ethanol to use indoors or outdoors and Natural Gas or Propane for outdoor settings.

For informal social gatherings, we recommend a low or chat-height fire pit table. Dining Fire Pit Tables are perfect for luxe indoor or outdoor dining. And lastly, Bar Height is a great way to encourage a crowd to converse as it helps people seated and standing up at closer eye level.

Make any space feel more relaxing with the Gin Fire Pit Table. Choose a height that suits your space best.


  1. How to Light an EcoSmart Fire Pit Table?

Your EcoSmart Ethanol Fire Pit Table comes with a Jerry Can, Lighting Rod, Fire Lighter, and Butane to easily light it with Bioethanol Fuel (not included).

Propane and Natural Gas Models are built with a Match Lit Ignition that is lit by placing a lighter near the burner as you turn the knob.

2. Can You DIY a Wood Propane Fire Pit Table?

The Gin 90 Fire Pit Tables are available in Teak as a beautiful wood fire pit table. 

3. Can I Use a Propane Fire Pit Table Indoors?

No, you may not use a propane fire pit table indoors. However, the ethanol models may be used in indoor and outdoor rooms.

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