Heatstrip On/Off Relay

  • Do you get annoyed when you have to keep turning your outdoor heaters on and off? Are you concerned that you might forget to switch them off and waste electricity?

    Well, we have a solution for you! It's called the Heatstrip On/Off Relay (HUSA05). This handy device lets you control your heaters wirelessly using a wall switch. So, no more walking back and forth to turn them on and off.

    But that's not all! The relay also has a built-in timer that can automatically turn off your heaters after a set amount of time. You can choose to have them shut off after 30, 60, or 120 minutes, depending on your preference.

    With the Heatstrip On/Off Relay, you can enjoy the warmth of outdoor heating without the hassle of manual control or worrying about leaving them on.

    Get in charge of your outdoor heating experience today!


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    Key Features:

    • Set it to turn off after 30 minutes to 1 hour for convenience and energy savings
    • Works with 120, 208, and 240 volts for versatile installation
    • Designed to handle up to 15 amps for safe and efficient operation

    Other Features:

    • Sturdy and dependable manual control available for durability and reliability
    • Enjoy easy operation for added convenience
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