PGS Moon Rok for Legacy and A-Series Gas Grills

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    Have you ever had uneven heating while grilling using a gas grill?

    Performance Grilling Systems’ Moon Roks are made with ceramic rocks that will evenly distribute the heat inside your gas grill, giving you perfect and consistent results every time. Simply position them on your grill's grate and rid your worries of unevenly cooked food.

    Moon Roks are just like the ceramic briquette systems you can find in many luxury gas grills. This accessory saves you time with it being easy to clean. Just flip them over and let the grease burn off in the fire. Plus, it allows your gas grill to heat more efficiently with its heat absorption capabilities, saving you money in the long run.

    Enhance your grilling experience with an accessory that adds safety and efficiency to your outdoor kitchen. Shop now and save on free shipping!

    This product isn't always available. The lead time may take 4 to 8 weeks. For more information about the lead time, please send an email to

    Key Features:

    • Moon Roks ensures even heat distribution, preventing unevenly cooked food
    • 56 or 84-pc sets are available to fit Legacy 27 and A30 or Legacy 36 and A40 Grills
    • Easy to clean, simply flip them over and let the grease burn off in the fire
    • Absorbs heat for your grill to heat more efficiently
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