Schwank Breeze10 Wall-Mounted Air Curtain With Heat

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    Are chilly drafts making your customers shiver? Is your space not as comfortable and clean as you would like it to be?

    Discover the innovative solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. The Schwank Breeze10 Air Curtain with Heat creates an air barrier that protects your space from pests, dust, and fluctuating temperatures without obstructing entry.

    Our state-of-the-art air curtains not only retain your ideal temperature but also cut down on your energy costs. With 3 sizes available, it's tailored to fit any doorway. Plus, this air curtain door works seamlessly thanks to a wireless air control and automatic door switch. Our hot water models deliver the best comfort, steadily emitting a mild pleasant steam, while electric heating air curtains work more efficiently.

    It's time to elevate your customer’s experience and take control of your energy expenses. Order your Schwank Breeze10 now and benefit from our free shipping offer!


     Product Manual

    Schwank Breeze10 Air Curtain Videos:

    Key Features:

    • Comfort and Cleanliness: Air curtain maintains indoor comfort and cleanliness
    • Easy Installation: Mount it up to 10 ft high with the included bracket
    • Steamy Comfort vs. Quick Heat: Hot water curtains emit a steady steam for a premium experience while electric air curtains for instant comfort
    • Perfect Fit: Choose from 3 sizes (51", 72", 93") or combine different models to cover any entrance
    • Simple Operation: Switch between high and low with the wired air controller

    Other Features:

    • Energy-Smart Operation: Air curtain activates only when the door opens, optimizing efficiency
    • Seamless Connection: Integrate effortlessly with Building Management Systems (BMS) using the optional modbus module


    Model Number: AC-HEXX-XX / AC-HWXX-XX
    Manufacturer: Schwank
    Series: Breeze10
    Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
    Heating Type: Electric/Hot Water
    Installation: Wall-Mounted
    Cubic Feet Per Minute (208 V Models): 51" Model: 810 CFM
    72" Model: 1,165 CFM
    93" Model: 1,460 CFM
    Cubic Feet Per Minute (230/480/600 V Models): 51" Model: 900 CFM
    72" Model: 1,315 CFM
    93" Model: 1,735 CFM
    BTUs (Electric Models): 51" Model: 20,473 / 40,946 BTUs
    72" Model: 40,946 / 61,418 BTUs
    93" Model: 40,946 / 81,891 BTUs
    BTUs (Hot Water Models): 51" Model: 20,473 / 40,946 BTUs
    72" Model: 30,709 / 61,418 BTUs
    93" Model: 40,946 / 81,891 BTUs
    Volts: 208/230/480/600 V
    Dimensions: 51" Model: 12" H x 51.2" L x 18.4" D
    72" Model: 12" H x 71.9" L x 18.4" D
    93" Model: 12" H x 92.5" L x 18.4" D
    Certifications: UL Listed
    Warranty: 2-Year Warranty

    What's in the Box:

    • Air Curtain - 1 pc.
    • Mounting Brackets - 1 set
    • Wired Controller - 1 pc.
    • Door Switch - 1 pc.
    • User's Manual - 1 pc.


    To connect the air curtains to your BMS, just add a Modbus Module and Software. This includes a control plug-in for BMS management and monitoring. If you want to adjust heat and airflow, you'll need the EEPROM Module.

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