American Made Grills Drop-In Infrared Sear Burner

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    Are you looking for a way to WOW your family & friends with some amazing grilling?

    Step up your grilling game with our Drop-In Sear Burner! This infrared burner replaces the left burner on your grill, allowing you to use the knobs to adjust the heat like a regular gas burner. Achieve the perfect sear with up to 16,500 BTUs of power for Atlas Grills and 26,000 for Estate. Powerful radiant heat lets you lock in more flavor and juices to cook the juiciest steak, ever.

    Sear steaks to perfection with an American Made Grills Drop-In Sear Burner. Buy this grill accessory now and save on free shipping!

    Note: This drop-in burner can only be used with AMG Atlas and Estate Grills.

    Key Features:

    • Powerful Sear Burner used infrared heat to lock in more flavor and juices when grilling steaks
    • 2 models are available for Atlas and Estate Grills.
    • The Estate Drop-In Burner heats with 26,000 BTUs, while the Atlas model heats up to 16,500 BTUs.
    • Made in the USA for excellent quality
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