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    Tired of grilling in the dark?

    The American Outdoor Grill halogen 10-Watt bulb light is the perfect solution to brighten up your grilling experience and make it easier. This powerful light easily attaches to any “T” Series grill, providing a wide range of visibility. If you're using a grill without a backburner or rotisserie kit, you'll need to add a Grill Light Bracket to attach the bulb. No longer will you have to guess when the meat is cooked – you can see exactly what's happening on your cooking surface!

    Enjoy night grilling sessions with family and friends without worrying about limited vision or cooking dinner in complete darkness. All our grill accessories are sold with free shipping. Buy now!

    American Outdoor Grill Halogen Light Video:

    Key Features:

    • Grill Light helps you cook at night with better visibility
    • For T-Series Grills only
    • 10 Watts


    Grill light brackets are required for -OOSP grills or grills without a backburner and rotisserie kit. 

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