Athena 1/2-Inch Reflective Fire Glass for Gas Fire Pits

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    Athena Reflective Fire Glass adds luster to your Athena fire pit or gas fireplace with its shine and vibrant color. This decorative media is made of Tempered Glass, ensuring it doesn't break in extreme heat. It has a mirror finish that shimmers when light hits its surface.

    Choose between 7 colors to customize your fire feature. Make it look however you want by mixing different colors or decorating with just one color. To get the right amount of fire glass, use this calculator.

    Enhance the look of gas fire pits with this modern, clean-burning decorative media. Order the Athena Reflective Fire Glass with free shipping here!

    Athena Reflective Fire Glass Video:

    Key Features:

    • 1/2" Reflective Fire Glass makes your fire pit more eye-catching with its shine and color.
    • Choose between Krystallo Diamond, Apollo Bronze, Poseidon Blue, Adriatic Topaz, Terra Copper, Vesper Black, or Amber Diamond to customize your fire pit's look.
    • It is compatible with gas burners only.
    • Sold in 10 lb jars that cover 1 sq ft of rectangular burn areas or a diameter of 1 ft for round burn areas.
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