Blaze Stainless Steel Insulated Jacket for Gas Grills and Griddle

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    Can you install your gas grill on wooden tops? Yes! With the Blaze Insulated Jacket, you can safely install your gas grill, burner, or griddle on combustible countertops. Make your outdoor kitchen look exactly the way you want with this accessory.

    Blaze Insulated Jackets prevent combustible countertops from catching fire, so you can grill with peace of mind. Made of 304 Stainless Steel, these jackets are built to withstand the elements and are designed with a self-supporting ledge that ensures the ultimate safety and structural integrity around the outside edges. If you're installing your grill on a non-combustible countertop, this insulated jacket isn't necessary.

    Whether you're installing a grill, power burner, or griddle on a combustible countertop, install it with this accessory for everyone's safety. Choose from 6 sizes available and order it now with free shipping!

    Note: a .25″ to .5″ gap is possible below the insulated jacket

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    Key Features:

    • Insulated jacket lets you safely install your grill, griddle, or power burner on combustible countertops.
    • Durable and rust-proof with Stainless Steel construction


    Model Number: BLZ-X-IJ / BLZ-XX-IJ / BLZ-XXX-IJ / BLZ-XXXXX-IJ
    Brand: Blaze
    Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
    Material: 304 Stainless Steel
    Overall Dimensions: LBM 3-Burner Grill: 9.75″ H × 27.25″ W × 23″ D
    LBM/Premium LTE 4-Burner Grill: 9.75″ H × 34.75″ W × 23″ D
    Premium LTE 5-Burner Grill: 9.75″ H × 42.38″ W × 23″ D
    Professional 3-Burner Grill: 11.25″ H × 36.75″ W × 25.88″ D
    Professional 4-Burner Grill: 11.25″ H × 46.5″ W × 25.88″ D
    Griddle: 13.13″ H × 32.38″ W × 26.38″ D
    Cutout Dimensions: LBM 3-Burner Grill: 9.63″ H × 25.56″ W × 22.25″ D
    LBM/Premium LTE 4-Burner Grill: 9.56″ H × 33″ W × 22.25″ D
    Premium LTE 5-Burner Grill: 9.63″ H × 40.75″ W × 22.25″ D
    Professional 3-Burner Grill: 11″ H × 34.88″ W × 24.5″ D
    Professional 4-Burner Grill: 11″ H × 44.63″ W × 24.5″ D
    Griddle: 12.75″ H × 30.38″ W × 25″ D
    Warranty: Lifetime
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