Blaze Smoker Box for Gas Grills

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    Are you dreaming of a nice smoky flavor when cooking on your gas grill?

    Get that smokey flavor whenever you cook on your Blaze Grill with a Smoker Box! Perfect for any home cook who wants to smoke up a summer BBQ with the convenience of Blaze Gas Grills and absolutely no charcoal mess at all. Our heavy-duty 304 stainless steel smoker box allows you to effortlessly add wood chips while it sits below the cooking grids. You'll be able to enjoy that delicious smoky flavor every time with our 100% airtight construction and convenient design.

    What's great about this smoker box is that, unlike wood or charcoal grills, the wood chips will slowly smolder in the heat for more flavor and aren't quickly burnt off in the flame. Plus, its welded seams allow liquid in the smoker box for steaming your meat.

    Get ready for some tender, succulent smoked meats cooked perfectly right in your own backyard! Just imagine how impressed y our family and friends would be with a freshly smoked pork shoulder or pulled beef brisket! Why wait? Get smokin' today and buy it with free shipping!

    Key Features:

    • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction doesn't compromise on durability, ensuring it's a steadfast companion in every cookout.
    • Enjoy mess-free smoky goodness without the hassle of charcoal mess, right on your Blaze Gas Grill.
    • This smoke box lets your wood chips smolder instead of burn in the flame
    • Easily add wood chips to your cookout for a seamless grilling experience.
    • Welded seams allow versatile Steaming capability with the use of liquids in its smoker box
    • XL smoker boxes are great for intensifying the smokey flavor of the meat
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