Fire Garden Multiple Model Transformer (94800830)

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    Are you tired of the hassle and inefficiency of managing multiple outdoor heating or lighting units? Whether you're dealing with various Fire Garden products scattered across a large area, keeping everything running smoothly can be a real challenge.

    Traditional transformers often fall short, lacking the flexibility and range needed to power multiple units effectively from a single source. This leads to frustrating logistical challenges and a less-than-ideal experience.

    Introducing the Fire Garden Multiple Model Transformer—a revolutionary solution designed to meet all your outdoor power needs. This robust transformer offers 24V, 26V, and 28V leads, making it highly adaptable to different voltage requirements. Its exceptional range allows it to be positioned up to 1000 Ft away from a single unit or approximately 100 Ft from a group of six units. Imagine the unparalleled flexibility and convenience!

    Whether you’re illuminating a sprawling garden or a large outdoor venue, this multiple model transformer provides centralized control for Fire Garden units. Don’t settle for inefficiency—buy now and enjoy free shipping!

    The lead time for this product is 4 to 8 weeks. Please send an email to support@patiofever.com for your inquiries and we'll be happy to help!

    Key Features:

    • Our multiple model transformer can control up to 6 Fire Garden units, enhancing the flexibility of your outdoor setup.
    • It allows for control from up to 1000 feet away when using a single unit, or 100 feet, offering convenience across larger spaces.
    • Equipped with 24V, 26V, and 28V leads to accommodate various power needs.
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