Heatstrip Double Wall Switch

  • Controlling many heaters on your own can be troublesome and not very efficient. It takes a lot of time to adjust each heater by hand, and it's not good for saving energy when they're all running together.

    But now, you can make things easier with the Heatstrip Double Wall Switch. This handy gadget lets you easily control two heaters independently. Just put it on your wall, and you can enjoy the flexibility it gives you and save energy too. If you want the ultimate control, you can also get the relay (sold separately) and use it with the Double Wall Switch.

    So, don't let inefficiency stop you – take charge of your heaters with the Heatstrip Double Wall Switch.


     Product Manual





    Key Features:

    • Quick and easy setup
    • Control from up to 80 feet away for convenience
    • Manage multiple heaters to create heating zones
    • Easy centralized control for heating without complex wiring or batteries

    Other Features:

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