Heatstrip Drop Down Kits

  • Putting outdoor heaters on high or slanted ceilings can be tough. It usually means you need extra stuff and special adjustments. This takes more time, work, and money, making you annoyed and using up your resources.

    Now, meet Heatstrip Drop Down Kits. These are handy poles that you can change to put your heaters at the right height, even on weird roofs. Just screw the poles into the standard brackets that come with them. If needed, you can cut them to fit your ceiling perfectly.

    Plus, you can twist the heater at the bottom of the pole to aim the heat in the direction you want.

    No more headaches during installation - with Heatstrip Drop Down Kits, you'll have a comfy outdoor spot without the hassle.

    Key Features:

    • Poles easily screw into the brackets for hassle-free mounting
    • Poles can be resized to accommodate slanted roofs, ensuring a perfect fit
    • Adjust the heater angle to 22 or 45 degrees at the base of the pole for tailored warmth
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