HPC Wind Guards for Fire Pits

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    Prevent unpredictable winds from disrupting your outdoor fire pit enjoyment with an HPC Wind Guard. These wind guards are designed to protect your fire pit's flames, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing fire experience, even in breezy conditions.

    Made from heavy-duty 3/16" tempered glass, it not only offers superior heat resistance but also adds a layer of safety while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your fire pit.

    Select the perfect HPC Wind Guard for your fire pit, available in various shapes and sizes to ensure a snug fit. With easy-to-install clips, you can quickly enhance your fire pit's performance and safety. Upgrade your fire pit now and save on free shipping!

    The lead time for this fire pit accessory is 2 to 3 weeks. For more information, please send an email to support@patiofever.com. We'll be happy to help.

    Key Features:

    • A wind guard shields flames from wind, enhancing flame stability.
    • Easy installation is enabled by clips that also support the tempered glass.
    • Made of heavy-duty 3/16" tempered glass, it offers significant heat resistance.
    • An optional extension kit allows wind guards to fit unique fire pit shapes.
    • Polished aluminum brackets and rubber feet contribute to a polished appearance.


    Brand: HPC
    Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
    Shape: Rectangular / Round / Square
    Material: Tempered Glass
    Overall Dimensions: Round Wind Guards:
    6" H x 23" Diameter
    6" H x 30" Diameter
    6" H x 38" Diameter
    6" H x 48" Diameter

    Square Wind Guards:
    6" H x 25" L x 25" W
    6" H x 31" L x 31" W
    6" H x 37" L x 37" W
    6" H x 43" L x 43" W
    6" H x 49" L x 49" W

    Rectangular Wind Guards:
    6" H x 31" L x 19" W
    6" H x 37" L x 19" W
    6" H x 43" L x 21" W
    6" H x 49" L x 21" W
    6" H x 61" L x 23" W

    Linear Wind Guards:
    6" H x 43" L x 15" W
    6" H x 55" L x 15" W
    6" H x 67" L x 15" W


    Extension kits are available for fire pits with atypical sizes. Connect several square/rectangular wind guards together.
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