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Infratech Home Management Systems

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    Infratech Home Management Systems are designed for smart home integration. Programmed with third-party applications, control heat, timer, remote dimming, and zoning capabilities using a mobile device, no matter where you are. Home management control panels are available with one to six relays.

    The number of relays you need in a control box depends on the power of the heaters within a zone or specific area. One relay can handle up to 9,000 Watts at 240 Volts. If the sum of the wattage of heaters in one zone is greater than 9,000 Watts or there is more than one zone to be controlled, a 2 relay (or more) control panel might be needed.

    Infratech’s Home Management Control is compatible with top-selling systems like Lutron™, Crestron™, Control 4™, and others which makes it excellent for any smart home. Get the most automation control out of your living space with a home management system.

    There are many options and configurations based on how you would like to control each heater, please contact Infratech customer service team for the best solution (Phone: 949-474-3070).

    Relay Panels are custom built – job specific to your project. Allow 5-8 weeks manufacturing time.

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    Key Features:

    • Available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 Relay Panel
    • All Relay Panels are NEMA 4 RATED and completely weather resistant, ensures safety and durability.
    • Maximum of 9,000 watts at 240V or 8,000 watts at 208V per relay for efficiency.
    • Integrate Infratech’s heaters directly into your home management system, so you can get the most automation control out of your living space.
    • By using Infratech’s Home Management Panel with your systems interface, you can control the heat without leaving your seat.

    Other Features:

    • Wide range of programming options available through your home management system, including the ability to save preferred heat settings for off-site control via mobile device for your convenience.
    • Infratech’s Home Management Control is compatible with top selling systems like Lutron™, Crestron™, Control 4™, and others for easy integration.
    • Infratech is a UL 508 Listed Control Manufacturer, products meets safety and high quality standards. 
    • Made in the USA, ensures high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.
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