IR Energy Habanero M50 48" Wall/Ceiling Mounted Natural Gas Patio Heater

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    Enjoy more of the great outdoors with IR Energy's Habanero Gas Patio Heater! Cozy up to its luxurious warmth and stay out longer without having to worry about the chills. It is engineered and made in Canada to wrap your guests in consistent, luxurious warmth.

    So, how is this gas heater better than other patio heaters? Built with a Triple Surface Burner, it produces stronger and more consistent infrared heat. And, it ensures no heat particles are lost to the wind with a Double Radiation Grid. As a bonus, gusty winds that interfere with warmth are blocked by a wind guard. Its many features work together to continuously keep you warm!

    The Habanero M50 can warm 8 x 22 ft with medium to high-intensity heat when it is mounted at 11 ft above the floor. This heating area is double more than its top competitor. This model can preheat almost two times faster as well at 4.13 mins. As the mounting height increases, bodies will feel a lower heat and the coverage area widens.

    Mount this on your walls or ceiling and have more freedom to do whatever you want with your space. You are only required to place the Habanero 3 inches away from the walls or ceiling, so you can have a clearer view of your patio.

    This gas patio heater will keep you outdoors for a long relaxing afternoon or evening. Shop now and get free shipping!

    Check out the M20 model, a smaller version of the M50. Order today and start enjoying more outdoor fun this season!

    Need help determining the right heater and setup for your space and heating needs? Or, do you need more information about the current lead time? Give us a call at 1-866-713-4844 or email us at support@patiofever.com and we'll be happy to help!


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    Key Features:

    • Wall/Ceiling Mounted to occupy less space, allowing more room for furniture
    • Choose from 2 colors: Black Powder Coat constructed with Marine Grade Aluminum to prevent rust even in saltwater environments or 304 Commercial Grade Stainless Steel for outdoor durability.
    • The M50 Model is twice more efficient than its top competitor as it can heat 128 sq m and preheats in 4.13 mins.
    • Has a Pre-mixed Combustion Chamber that optimizes fuel costs with a polished heat reflector for a sleek look
    • Built with High-Grid Technology and a Triple-Surface Burner to produce strong and consistent warmth with less heat loss.
    • Has Hi/Lo/Off Dual Heat Output Control Switches to save gas

    Other Features:

    • Only requires a 3" Top Clearance which gives you more flexibility in placing it close to or away from the walls or ceiling.
    • Self Diagnostic Potted Module for shock and vibration resistance
    • Has no blower, which results in less noise
    • Can be angled anywhere between 0°-30° to point the heat correctly
    • The Transformer and Control Switch is required to use the Habanero and must be electrically wired by a professional
    • Made in Canada for great quality and complies with North American (CSA) Safety Standards.


    Model Number: HAB50N
    Manufacturer: IR Energy
    Series: Habanero
    Indoor/Outdoor: Commercial: Indoor/Outdoor
    Residential: Outdoor Only
    Fuel Type: Natural Gas
    Installation: Wall/Ceiling Mounted
    Material: Black: Marine Grade Aluminum
    Stainless Steel: 304 Commercial Grade Steel
    Grade: Marine/Commercial
    Ignition: Electronic Ignition
    Heater Type: Ceramic
    Heating Area: 8 ft x 22 ft
    Safety Shut Off Valve: Optional
    BTUs: 42000 (Low), 50000 (High)
    Dimensions: 11.41" H x 47.45" W x 11.25" D
    Weight: 51 lbs
    Certifications: UL Listed, CSA Approved
    Warranty: 3-Year Warranty on Ceramic Burner
    1-Year Warranty on all other parts

    What's in the Box:

    • Gas Patio Heater - 1 pc
    • User's Manual - 1 pc


    Actual heat output will depend on several factors, particularly for outdoor installation. Ambient temperature, wind conditions, mounting height, and patio setup should be considered.

    We advise consulting a material manufacturer regarding some materials that soften at sustained temperatures below 160°F.

    Provisions are included with the mounting kits for different angles. Please be aware that the heater can be angled at a maximum of 30° from the horizon.

    Bodies will feel medium to high-intensity heat when mounting this heater at a height of 9 ft to 11 ft. For low heat, the mounting height should be higher. To warm a larger spot, place several heaters around the area.

    When installing this heater over 4500 ft. above sea level in Canada, the heater must be properly derated and installed according to local codes. In the absence of local codes, the heater must be derated in accordance with the most recent CSA -B149 code. In the United States for installations over 2000ft above sea level, the heater must be installed in accordance with the Current National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 (the heater shall be de-rated 4 percent for each 1000 ft of elevation above sea level).

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  • WarningWARNING: California Proposition 65. If not installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, this product could expose you to substances in the fuel or from combustion including carbon monoxide which can cause death or serious illness and which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.

    For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov