IR Energy Transformers for Gas Patio Heaters

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    Having IR Energy Transformers is a requirement for installing your gas patio heater. These transformers convert the voltage of your power circuits to safely use low-voltage appliances.

    Figure out how many transformers you need by determining the number of heaters in one zone. A 20VA transformer is needed for each evenGLO and Habanero Patio Heater. For example, 5 evenGLO patio heaters would need 1 100 VA Transformer.

    20VA, 40VA, and 100VA Transformers are available for you to choose the appropriate one for your area.

    Key Features:

    • 120/24V transformer for your zone control needs
    • Each Habanero requires one transformer.
    • Allot 20 VA for each evenGLO.
    • 20VA, 40VA, and 100 VA transformers are available.
    • The Transformer and Control Switch are required to use the Habanero and must be electrically wired by a professional
    • All IR Energy products are proudly made in Canada with superior quality.
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