Schwank Remote Control Receiver Kit for Single Stage Gas Heaters

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    Schwank  Remote Control Receiver Kit requires a handset control or wireless remote control keypad to work. Together, they allow you to turn your bistroSchwank or supremeSchwank heaters on or off with a click of a button. Each heater requires a receiver kit installed in the burner.

    The handset control works pretty much the same way your TV remote works, it sends a signal to the receiver to turn your heater on or off. Each handheld remote can be set to control 4 individual heaters or configured to control 4 zones. One zone can consist of more than one heater. Schwank recommends that you purchase two handheld remotes, one spare. Great for those looking for an easy to use wireless control option.

    Or, instead of purchasing two handsets, get a handset and the optional Wireless Remote Control Keypad Transmitter which can also control up to 4 zones. The Wireless Remote Control Keypad Transmitter can be placed on any indoor or outdoor wall. It is weather resistant and, with it, misplaced handsets will not be a problem. Tamper-proof, 3 zones will require a unique 4-digit PIN to operate. Only 1 zone has a direct push button. Those who know the PIN can use the keypad and the handset can be hidden as the spare. This is a better option for those who want an additional security feature with their wireless controller. 

    Key Features:

    • 24Vac powered remote control receiver for wireless control. Each single stage heater requires a receiver kit installed in the burner.
    • At least one hand set is always required for master programming of receiver or Keypad. Purchase separately.
    • Includes receiver, wires, and instructions for your wireless control setup.
    • Made in the USA, ensures high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.
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