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Sunglo A244 Hanging Natural Gas Infrared Heater with Frame

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Sunglo A244 is a ceiling mounted heater with a stylish frame that is available with three ignition systems. Fueled by natural gas, this hanging heater is perfect for any residential or commercial patio setting. 

A244 provides radiant heat that will keep you and other solid objects warm outdoors. Just choose the type of ignition that you need or want. This heater is available with a match-lit manual ignition if you want to have a reliable heater even during power outages. Semi-automatic ignition which also needs to be manually lit, but connected to a power source, you can turn it on/off with a switch. Or, electronic ignition which requires a power source, but does not have to be lit by a match or lighter.

The wrought iron frame with classic metal scroll design looks great with a variety of decor. Enjoy lounging and entertaining on your patio even during the cold winter months!


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Key Features:

  • Available with Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Electronic Ignition System for your convenience.
  • Ceiling mounted for more floor space.
  • Clean draft-free circle of warmth will keep you warm and toasty outdoors, within 12 feet of the heater.
  • Heavy Duty Corrosion Resistant construction ensures durability.
  • Primary rated burner for minimal noise, relatively quiet operation

Other Features:

  • Semi-Automatic and Electronic Ignition models require a 24 VAC Transformer, not included.
  • Large aluminum reflector to heat large outdoor areas for maximum comfort
  • 100% safety control, this patio heater meets or exceeds CSA safety and performance standards in the US and Canada.
  • Complete Parts Availability and Support in case anything goes wrong beyond the warranty period.
  • Made in the USA, ensures high quality materials and superior craftsmanship.


Model Number: A244
Manufacturer: Sunglo
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor / Outdoor Commercial | Outdoor Residential ONLY
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Installation: Ceiling Mounted
Material: Stainless Steel
Commercial / Residential
Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Electronic Ignition
Heater Type: Infrared
Heating Area:
12 ft. Diameter
Emitter Grid: Stainless Steel
Safety Shut Off Valve
With Safety Shut-Off
BTUs: 50,000
Volts: 24 (Except for Manual Ignition model)
0.8 (Except for Manual Ignition model)
41.25" H x 37.5" W x 37.5" D
Weight: 49 lbs.
CSA Approved for the US and Canada
1-Year Residential / 90-Day Commercial Warranty


Spacing between these heaters should be 15 ft. apart for well-protected areas, 12 ft. apart. for semi-exposed areas, and 8 ft. apart for completely exposed areas with severe weather conditions.

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