SunStar Gas Supply Accessories for Glass Infrared Heaters

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    Gas supply accessories are available to connect your SunStar Glass Infrared Heater to a gas source.

    The gas connection kit includes a gas connector, safety shut-off valve, sediment trap, and ThreadSealing Compound.

    The connection kit is the best option if you don't have any gas accessories at home. The sediment trap keeps debris out of the heater and regulator. In an emergency, just turn the safety shut-off valve to swiftly cut off the gas. The ThreadSealing Compound ensures an airtight connection.

    The gas connector and gas regulator may be purchased separately. The gas connector connects the gas source to your unit, while the regulator ensures your appliance doesn't go above the required pressure.

    Have peace of mind that your SunStar Glass Infrared Heater is safely connected to gas with these accessories. Take advantage of our free shipping offer and buy now!

    Note: Current Lead Time is 3 to 4 weeks.

    Key Features:

    • Compatible with SunStar Glass Infrared Heaters
    • Gas Connection Kit comes with all the things you need to connect your heater to a gas source- gas connector, safety shut-off valve, sediment trap, and ThreadSealing Compound
    • The gas connector measures 24" Long and 1.2" Diameter
    • The gas regulator regulates up to 2 PSIG Line Pressure
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