The Outdoor GreatRoom Company Glass Media for Gas Fire Pits

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    Create a colorful work of art with the Outdoor GreatRoom Company Glass Media. Choose from crushed glass, gems, or diamonds to get the look you want. Different colors are available.

    Your fire pit comes with decorative media, but you can customize a look of its own. Made of tempered glass, it will not melt from the heat of your gas burner. Each order weighs 5 lbs.

    Make your fire pit look more stunning with the fire glass of your choice. Shop all Outdoor GreatRoom Company Accessories with free shipping here!

    Key Features:

    • Customize the look of your fire pit with glass media.
    • It is available in crushed glass, gems, or diamonds and in different colors.
    • Made of Tempered Glass to withstand extreme heat
    • Each bag weighs 5 lbs.


    Get the right amount for your fire pit. 10 lbs is required for 12" x 24" burn areas and 15 lbs for 12" x 42".

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