Warming Trends Lava Rocks for Gas Fire Pits

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    Warming Trends Lava Rocks are a good choice for adding an earthy appeal to your gas fire pit. These can withstand the heat and are available in 2 styles- Black Lava Rock and Rolled Lava Rock.

    Black Lava Rocks have rough edges and are 1" to 1.5", while the Rolled ones have a more polished look and measure 1" to 2".

    This lava rock calculator tells you how much you need for your fire pit. Follow the recommended amount for your burner to function properly.

    Enhance the look of your fire feature with decorative rocks. Order now, and save on free shipping!

    Key Features:

    • These lava rocks can be used with any gas fire pit.
    • Choose from 2 styles available to match your space: Black Lava Rock or Rolled Lava Rock.
    • Each bag of Lava Rocks and Rolled Lava Rocks weighs 50 lbs and covers 1 cubic foot
    • Each bag of Small Rolled Lava Rock weighs 30 lbs and covers 1/2 cubic foot
    • Made in the USA for better quality.
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