Warming Trends Push Button Ignition System for CROSSFIRE Burners

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    Warming Trends CROSSFIRE Burners include a Match Lit Ignition System. Upgrade to a Push Button Ignition System for more convenience. To turn it on, just push the button and turn the key valve. It is battery-operated and does not require lighters, matches, or electricity.

    Key Valves, Flex Line Kit, and Pre-Mounted Street Elbows are optional. The 3/4" Flex Line is for burners with 121,000 to 249,000 BTUs heat output, while the 3/4" Dual Flex Line is for units rated from 250,000 BTUs and up. Pre-mounted street elbows are for connecting your gas fittings. Select a package according to your fire pit's needs.

    Make your unit easier to use with a Push Button Ignition System. Take advantage of free shipping and buy today!


     Product Manual

    Warming Trends Ignition Systems Video:

    Key Features:

    • Battery-Operated Push Button Ignition System easily turns your fire pit on without lighters or electricity.
    • Comes in several sets depending on the optional accessories you need.
    • Choose the correct flex line
      • 3/4" Flex Line is for burners that produce 121,000 to 249,000 BTUs
      • Dual Flex Line is for units rated 250,000 BTUs up
    • This product is made in the USA for high quality.
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