Warming Trends Spark Ignition System for CROSSFIRE Burners

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    Upgrade your Match Lit Gas Fire Pit with Warming Trends Spark Ignition System for CROSSFIRE Burners. This ignition type allows you to turn your gas fire pit on or off by just pressing a button.

    Choose the right ignition option depending on your CROSSFIRE Burner's Heat Output. For burners that heat up to 120,000 BTUs, use the 3V Spark Ignition System which runs on batteries. The 24 V Electronic Ignition is for burners that produce up to 400,000 BTUs and must be wired.

    Save lots with this awesome deal. The 3 V Ignition System comes with the control module, spark igniter, D-cell battery pack, and ignition switch, ready for you to install. The 24 V Ignition includes a control module, spark igniter, and 24 V transformer.

    Add a wireless control to your purchase to make it even more convenient. Note that the 24 V's keychain remote has a receiver that needs to be plugged in for the remote to work.

    Better your fire pit experience by making it as convenient as possible. Order a Warming Trends Ignition System today with free shipping!


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    Key Features:

    • Using your fire pit will be much easier with a 3 V Ignition System for Burners up to 120,000 BTUs and a 24 V Ignition System for Burners up to 400,000 BTUs.
    • No need for matches or lighters. 3 V Spark Ignition works with a d-cell battery and the 24 V Ignition is wired with the included transformer.
    • This accessory is compatible with CROSSFIRE Burners only.
    • For high quality, it is Made in the USA and comes with a 1-Year Warranty.


    A Remote Control for 3 V Ignition and a Key Chain Remote for 24 V Ignition is available.

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